Hurricane Dashboard

Power BI Dashboards

One of the strategic priorities of the Florida 211 Network is to utilize data and emergency dashboards that can be shared across state agencies on one platform. These dashboards include ongoing analysis of needs and gaps in the delivery of health and human services across Florida. Florida 211’s statewide database contains information about millions of contacts to the Florida 211 system. It contains location and demographic information about callers, as well as information about their needs, what referrals were made to them and what needs were unmet. The Florida 211 system can use this data for a range of uses such as resource gap analysis and predictive modeling for local, state, and national agencies. 
A major obstacle to rebuilding from hurricanes is that recovery organizations usually have limited access to quality data. This includes data about the impact of the disaster, the needs of residents, and what resources are available to them. Florida 211 is uniquely positioned to address this challenge by providing a barometer through interactive, real-time dashboards that centralize and interpret data about emergencies for a range of users. The dashboards combine FEMA public assistance and individual assistance data, 211, Census, Social Vulnerability Index, as well as resource availability data from 211 resource databases. 
 Florida 211 centers are available at the flip of a switch to handle surges in call volume, real time data reporting on needs and referrals to Florida citizens, and resource gap analysis that can inform where resources should be diverted in times of emergency.